04 Jun 2015


Eco TLC is the eco-organization in the sector of textile, bed linen & shoes recycling (TLS), which is a private non-profit corporation invested by public authorities to the mission of global interest in supporting, as part of the extended producers responsibility (REP in French), the end of life of the TLC that they put on the market. Specifically, Eco TLC perceives an eco-contribution for each TLC product put on the French market. The eco-organization brings together all those who are involved in the life cycle of the TLC around a common project: to develop a high-performance TLC sector in logic of circular economy. To get this, it supports financially three entity types: project leaders, sorting operators and territorial communities authorized by the Social Security. Eco TLC has implemented a factory dedicated to “La Fibre du tri” (The sorting fiber) in order to allow general public to easily learn about of contribution points nearest them, sorting instructions and information and news from the sector.