04 Jan 2018

Alpha 3x

The alpha 3X is a revolutionary fiber: it is more lightweight, washable solvent-free and fire-resistant. The curtains of the presidential plane were woven with this material, in our workshops.

The jacquard fabric differs from the printed fabric by the way to get the patterns. A fabric is said to be printed if its patterns have been obtained after weaving through application of dyes on the surface through a stencil. The jacquard fabric patterns are obtained from the weaving by the specific marking of threads. Patterns can be achieved by unbleached or colored yarn (damasks…).

04 Jun 2015


It is not the same the amount of fabric to make a short skirt, a jacket or a curtain. If a small skirt does require 50cm of fabric to 165cm wide, for a jacket it takes three times more, and for a curtain: up to 4 or 5m.

04 Jun 2015


L’alpha 3X est une fibre révolutionnaire : elle est plus légère, lavable sans solvant et anti-feu.
Les rideaux de l’avion présidentiel ont été tissés avec cette matière, dans nos ateliers !