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The annual celebration of the weavers’ corporation took place for the first time in 1540 in Charlieu. Even today, every first weekend of September, the City celebrates its weavers who are the worthy heirs of the 16th century weavers.

It is in the middle of the 19th century that the textile industry really took off in Charlieu. The Lyon’s canuts then required an increase in the prices and began a very hard strike. Silky patrons refused and suppressed the revolt. They also decided to relocate a part of the silk weaving out of Lyon, for the benefit of Panissières, Chazelle, or Charlieu. The city thus has up to 10,000 looms between the two wars! 15 % of the Charlieu active population still works in weaving, in one of the city five mills from where comes the most beautiful silk taffeta of the world.

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Les Tissages de Charlieu company was founded in 1967 on a site dedicated to the textile since the beginning of the 20th century. It was taken over in 1997 by Eric Boël. The company diversifies in plane weavings in 2006, acquiring the industrial weaving part of the Lapalud company in Thizy.

The LTC active participation at the annual celebration of the Charlieu weavers’ Corporation is an opportunity for weavers to highlight their know-how skills, to publicize and to transmit it to the youth with pride.

The Les Tissages de Charlieu fabrics being designed and manufactured exclusively on our location in Charlieu, next to Roanne, offer you the guarantee of a 100% French manufacture.

This production helps to bring local know-how alive and maintain employment in Rhône-Alpes, France.

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{‘value’:10,’color’:’#6E6E6E’,’highlight’:’#FF5A5E’,’label’:’Furnishing’} »]

Distribution of turnover according to sectors

[cs-counter box= »no » position= »center » digit= »70″ font_size= »70″ font_weight= »300″ font_color= »#2247a8″ text= »achieved with the fashion industry, including 7% made with the Letol brand. » suffix= »% »]
[cs-counter box= »no » position= »center » digit= »20″ font_size= »70″ font_weight= »300″ font_color= »#2247a8″ text= »made with « textiles of the future«  clients, half of which with the aerospace sector. » suffix= »% »]
[cs-counter box= »no » position= »center » digit= »10″ font_size= »70″ font_weight= »300″ font_color= »#2247a8″ text= »made with the furniture market. » suffix= »% »]


[cs-counter box= »no » position= »center » digit= »2200000″ font_size= »70″ font_weight= »100″ digit_margin= »10″ text= » meters per year » text_size= »20″ text_font_weight= »300″ suffix= » « ]

80 recently renewed looms, running 7 days/7 days, 24 h/24 h, for a capacity of 2,2 million meters/year jacquard and plane fabrics.
A production exclusively made in the factory of Charlieu (42).


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Thread cruisers

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“Gareurs” masters
Weaver masters
Warping masters
Knotters masters

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Commercial service



Per month

700 - 200 000 700 new fabrics 200,000 meters of fabric 700 new fabrics 200,000 meters of fabric

Who knows if you wear at the moment a fabric designed and manufactured in Charlieu?

Do you know?

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